Forget Moneyball, this is Moneybus: Edmonton ahead of transit safety curve

EDMONTON: 8 November, 2014 - Baseball fans have heard of Moneyball and hockey fans have seen their teams stock up on stats gurus recently, but transit users in Edmonton have benefited from statistical analytics for years.

Mass Transit Top Tech Innovations

Mass Transit Magazine Honors innovations that are making a difference in the public transit industry

Fort Atkinson, WI (February 12, 2010) - The Daily Crime Forecast was named a “Top Technology Innovation 2010” by Mass Transit magazine in their February issue. Mass Transit, the only magazine exclusively dedicated to public transportation, announced Innovations that have made significant contributions to the public transit industry. The innovations were nominated by industry professionals and judged on criteria that included cost savings, improving employee and/or rider safety, improving security and creating a more sustainable operation.

NAIT - President's Report 2009

NAIT - President's Report 2009

An innovative tool to accurately forecast where and when crime is likely to occur could soon be helping security and police agencies around the world improve the safety and security of their communities.

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Daily Crime Forecast Wins novaNAIT Technology Commercialization Award

Daily Crime Forecast Wins novaNAIT Technology Commercializtion Award (Video) - Global TV

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New ETS security software wins $10,000 prize

By Linda Hoang, Edmonton Journal, December 22, 2008 EDMONTON —

The creator of software that’s helping keep Edmonton Transit users safe, by predicting crime before it happens, has won a $10,000 prize to improve and expand into other forms of crime prevention.

The Daily Crime Forecast, which won NAIT’s novaNAIT Technology Commercialization Challenge, has been helping ETS security stop crimes before they even occur for almost three years.

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