Why it's Different

The Daily Crime Forecast provides frontline law enforcement personnel with the necessary tool to proactively and decisively target crime and disorder. Through years of planning and testing in a real live environment the Daily Crime Forecast has become the standard for crime prediction.

Daily Crime Forecast in action

  • Be There when it Matters

    The Daily Crime Forecast does not summarise what happened yesterday, it predicts what is likely to happen today and tomorrow so you can deploy proactively instead of reactively.

    With its powerful forecasting algorithm it can provide forecasts up to 1 month into the future facilitating both tactical and strategic planning.

    Just like the weather, it's good to know what happened yesterday but way more useful to know what is probably going to happen tomorrow.

  • Best-of-Breed Analytics

    The Daily Crime Forecast's core forecasting engine relies on an award-winning proprietary algorithm to generate it's predictions. Squeezing the most out of available crime data, the Daily Crime Forecast consistently outperforms current crime hot spot methodologies.

    The data processing and forecast generation occurs on our powerful servers leaving you without the need to acquire additional hardware.

  • Target the Right Time

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    Police Officers and security professionals know that crime risk varies from hour to hour as much as it does from place to place.

    The Daily Crime Forecast breaks down the forecasts hour by hour so front-line staff can maximize their patrol's effectiveness throughout the day.

  • Prioritize by Risk Level

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    Which forecasts should be attended to first? Forecasts are ranked as Very High, High, Medium and Low risk so Officers can decide how to best deploy to identified areas.

    Forecasts can be generated and prioritized across your whole jurisdiction or by Precinct/District thereby adapting to your Agency's existing organizational structure.

    Shift Supervisors can better allocate resources and have a concise, repeatable and defensible methodology for resource allocation.

  • Keep up with the Latest

    Crime data is updated from your source every day to ensure the latest crime trends are captured.

    No need for manual pre or post analysis leaving Officers, Supervisors and Criminal Intelligence Analysts free to attend other matters.

  • Uses Available Data

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    No additional data collection efforts are required, you probably have all the data you need to make effective crime predictions. The Daily Crime Forecast can use data from any source or database. Your existing Agency's Record Management System (RMS) or Computer Aided Disptach (CAD) data is exactly what is needed. A daily extract is sent to our servers for forecast generation.

    Security Agencies with little or no data can still benefit from the Daily Crime Forecast if their City has an Open Data program that makes crime data available. We can use this Open Data to augment your existing data to provide the necessary predictions.

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