How to Get It

4 simple steps is all it takes to start taking advantage of the Daily Crime Forecast. We do need your help in making this happen. After all you are the Subject Matter Experts regarding your data and crime in your community. Just follow the steps described below so we can get you set-up.

Step 1: Your Data

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We Need to Know About Your Data

Before we move on any further we need your help in determining if the Daily Crime Forecast will work for you. This quality check is essential in making sure that you benefit the most out of our product. If we don't think it will work for you we will let you know. We want to first and foremost gain your trust and avoid disappointments.

We will commit to safeguarding your data as if it were ours. It is our Privacy Policy. We take privacy seriously and will make sure we only use what you provide us to enable you to use the Daily Crime Forecast. Feel free to review our Privacy Policy and our standard Terms and Conditions.

To collect the required information we will ask you to fill out a short form. You may need to obtain some of the information from your Criminal Intelligence or Information Technology staff. We are here to help you along the way.

We will need to get from you the following:

  • Your contact information: So we can get back to you with our initial analysis.
  • A file containing 1 year of your crime incident data in Comma Separated Value (csv) file format. The file needs to have the following fields:
    • A unique identifier. Case/Incident number.
    • Date of the Incident.
    • Time of the Incident.
    • Type of Incident. e.g Robbery, Battery, etc.
    • X Coordinate (Longitude) in projected coordinates
    • Y Coordinate (Latitude) in projected coordinates.
  • The map projection you used for the X and Y Coordinates in the file.

Once you have gathered the required information simply follow this link to fill out our Data Assessment Form and submit it to us. We will analyse your data and assess its suitability for use with the Daily Crime Forecast and get back to you within 2 business days.

Step 2: Payment

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Easy, Convenient, Affordable

Once we have confirmed that your data will work with the Daily Crime Forecast, we will process your payment for your chosen subscription period.

Step 3: Installation

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Desktop Component Installation

We will perform algorithm parameter optimization using your data. This is not a cookie-cutter approach. We will ensure to extract the most out of your data by customizing our forecasting engine for you.

We then have a small utility that needs to be installed onto one of your computers that has access to your data. This utility takes care of extracting your data, getting it ready and transferring it to our secure servers. Once installed the utility can be set to run on a schedule and always provide the Daily Crime Forecast with your latest data.

Step 4: Fight Crime

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All Set

Once the installation of the Desktop Component is complete, we will provide you with your dedicated portal web address and access code. You can disseminate the information to your staff and immediately reap the benefits of using the Daily Crime Forecast.

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