The Daily Crime Forecast was designed with one purpose in mind: putting police or security resources where and when they would be most effective in deterring crime and apprehending offenders. What that in mind every feature included in the Daily Crime Forecast was designed specifically for that purpose. It provides a critical piece of actionable criminal intelligence that can be used by deployed patrol resources. The Daily Crime Forecast can become a core component in your crime fighting arsenal and complement existing measures taken by your agency to safeguard people and property.

The Daily Crime Forecast is not a Geographical Information System (GIS) or user driven analytical platform. There are many other software platforms, services and packages out there that already do this.

The Daily Crime Forecast features:

  • Crime predictions that specify time and place where crime is likely to occur
  • Predictive performance that is 2 times better than using spatial hotspot techniques
  • A fully automated platform that does not require any pre or post analysis by the end user
  • Daily data refreshes that ensure the latest crime trends are captured
  • Custom forecasts that adjust for day of week, day of month and month (seasonality)
  • No additional crime data collection

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