Screenshots only tell half the story. Here you can access a live demonstration that will show you exactly how the Daily Crime Forecast works and what it can do for you. The demo uses artificially generated data. Although the forecasts will be notional, the graphical interface and functionality will be the same as what you will experience with your Agency's Daily Crime Forecast portal. We choose the beautiful City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada as the backdrop to our demo. You should come visit sometime!

In order to access the demo we simply ask that you register with us. Rest assured we take privacy seriously. We will not share your information with anyone and only use it to contact you in order to provide you additional information on the Daily Crime Forecast. Registration takes but a minute and will allow you to access our demo where you can test-drive the real thing. Once you are registered, you will be able to access the demo from this page.

Please note that this demo requires:
  • Chrome 28.0 or above (preferred), or
  • FireFox 17.0 and above, or
  • Internet Explorer 9 and above

Make sure to try...

  • a few forecats dates. By default the forecast date will be for today but you can choose dates up to one month into the future.
  • showing only the top 5 forecasts, or 10 or 100. Each forecast is a specific location on the map that spans a one-hour block. Deploy resources to those top forecasts to maximize your efficiency.
  • generating the forecasts across the whole jurisdiction or by District.
  • clicking some hours on the left hand side to see the predictions for those times. The map will automatically zoom in to the relevant areas.
  • navigating, panning and zooming the map as you would any web-based map. Easy and intuitive. Want to zoom in to a specific spot? Hold the Shift key and drag a square box on the map using your left mouse button.
  • add the district and recent incident layers to the map by clicking the small square menu located at the top right hand corner of the map. Remember that recent incidents will not necessarily coincide with forecasts. We are providing forecasts of what is likely to happen, not what already did happen!
  • The options button will allow you to see a legend, get a Quick Start Tour (enabled by default in this demo), change some settings (disabled in this demo) and log out.

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